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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


By : Moh. Aan Hanafiah, S.Ag

Pengertian :

Salah satu jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris, adalah teks descriptive. Descriptive Text (  teks descriptive ) merupakan jenis teks yang banyak digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari dalam menggambarkan benda, tempat, manusia, hewan dan lain sebagainya. Teks desciptive adalah sebuah teks bahasa Inggris untuk menggambarkan seperti apa benda atau mahluk hidup yang kita deskripsikan, baik secara kenampakan, bau, suara, atau tekstur dari benda atau makhluk hidup tersebut. Tujuan dari teks descriptive adalah untuk menggambarkan dan mengungkapkan ciri-ciri dari benda, tempat, atau mahluk tertentu secara terperinci, sehingga orang yang mendengar atau membaca gambaran yang kita berikan dapat mengetahui dan bisa membayangkan seperti apa benda, tempat atau mahluk hidup yang kita diskripsikan

Tujuan Komunikatif :

Tujuan komunikatif dari teks descriptive adalah untuk mendeskripsikan atau menggambarkan ciri-ciri orang, mahluk hidup, benda atau tempat tertentu secara spesifik.

Generic Structure (Struktur Teks) descriptive:

1.    Identification (Identifikasi) : Pendahuluan tentang apa dan siapa yang akan  
2.    Description (deskripsi)        : berisi ciri-ciri khusus yang dimiliki benda, tempat, atau  
                                                    orang  yang dideskripsikan.

Ciri-ciri teks descriptive :

ü  Teks discriptive menggunakan simple present tense.
ü  Menggunakan attribute verb, seperti be (am, is,are)
ü  Teks discriptive menggunakan berbagai macam adjectives yang bersifat describing. numbering, classifying misalnya two strong legs, sharp white fangs, dsb.
ü  Teks discriptive menggunakan relating verbs untuk memberikan informasi tentang subjek, misalnya     my mum is realy cool, it has very thick fur, dsb.
ü  Teks discriptive menggunakan thinking verbs dan feeling verbs untuk mengungkapkan pandangan       pribadi penulis tentang subjek, misalnya police belive the supect is armed, I think it is a clever    animal, dsb.
ü  Teks discriptive juga menggunakan adverbs untuk memberikan informasi tambahan mengenai             perilaku atau sifat (adjective) yang dijelaskan, misalnya it is extremely high.

Contoh text descriptive :

1. Mendeskripsikan Tempat

Paris is the capital city of France. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also one of the world's most crowded cities. Lovely gardens and parks are found throughout Paris. At night, many palaces and statues are lit up. For this reason, Paris is often called the City of Light.

Every year, millions of people visit Paris. The most popular place to visit is the Eiffel Tower. This huge structure has become the symbol of Paris. The Louvre, one of the world's largest art museums, draws many visitors. The Cathedral of Notre Dame, a famous church, is another favourite place to visit.

2.Mendeskripsikan benda
My Lovely House

I live with my parents and two brothers in a nice little house on the suburban area of Bogor. I really love our house. It’s not large, but very shasy and pretty since my parents grow many fruits and flowers in a yard.

My house is a two-storey building. It has living room, a family room, and a large kitchen on the first floor. All bedrooms are located on the second floor. There is also another family room on the second floor. Wespend our time together there every evening.

My favourite room in the house is the kitchen. It is a very clean and everything is arranged nicely. As you enter the kitchen, you will see a table in front of you. It is on the right side of the room. Behind the table is a window. On the window shelf, there is a plant and a candle. On the left side of the room, there is a sink, refrierator, and cabinets. There is a long counter and beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Besides the kitchen, I also like my bedroom. But unlike the kitchen, my bedroom is quite messy. I like it because I can do a lot of things there.

3.    Mendeskripsikan hewan

My Wonderful Dog

Among pets, I like the best dog because they are tame animals and they can be trained as a man friend. I have a wonderful dog. I named him Bonny.

Bonny is a male dog. He is a Pomeranian dog and is about two years old. My dog is great. He has grayish- white fur, small ears, and a cone-shaped mouth. His paws are strong.

Well, my dear Bonny is a clever dog. He always barks loudly and noisily when there is a stranger coming to my house. You know what? He also can do many things such as sitting down quietly, bringing the newspaper to me, standing on his two hind feet, and shaking my hand.

I always take him to a grooming salon twice in a month to have him bathed and to trim his fur neatly. Bonny eats dog’s food; fresh meal and drink fresh milk. I don’t let him eat bones because they are not good for him.
   Answer this question based on the text!
1. What kind of the text above?
2.What paragraph is the Identification of the text?
3.What does the text tell about?
4.What does the Bonny eat?
    5. Bonny is a clever dog and can do many things, what can he do?

4.    Mendeskripsikan orang

I have a friend named Bagas. He is my class mate, he is a very fat person.
His hobby is eating. He likes all kinds of foods. He eats everything in front of him. His weight is 95 kilograms.
He has a very chubby cheek. His family and friends like him very much.

Answer these question below !
a. what is the purpose of the text?
b. what kind of the text?
c. what is his name?
d. How is his weight?
e. what is his hobby?


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